Radek Grzanka - Our team

Two shareholders - Attorneys at Law: Paweł Radek and Mariusz Grzanka are the team of Radek • Grzanka Law Firm along with even more attorneys, trainees, specialists and experts cooperating with the Firm.

Plentiful team of lawyers allows for the opportunity of specializing in many demanding areas of law such as tax law, personal data protection, real estate law, receivables enforcement or the law of environmental protection. And due to sustainable cooperation and exchange of valuable experiences among team members, the Firm is perfectly capable of resolving all and any legal problems by offering our clients solutions catered to their needs and requirements.

X X Paweł Radek
X X Mariusz Grzanka
X X Roksana Urbanek
X X Karolina Biskup
X X Krzysztof Wojtczak
X X Krzysztof Cieplucha
X X Joanna Jerzmanowska